Mission Statement

We are in the business of satisfying people. Our mission is to provide product solutions with a remarkably high level of service delivered in a manner that is efficient, effective, passionate, and most of all memorable.

rkStudio6 was established in 2003 when founder, Rachel Krage, was looking to create a more reliable future after the dotcom crash. She saw the need of many companies to board the website trend, and having the rare skill (at the time) of Graphic Designer plus Web Developer she recognized she was in a unique position to help. With her passion to provide websites that were also attractive, she decided to seize the opportunity to go in this new direction.

From the beginning, rkStudio6 has distinguished itself in serving the needs of small to mid-sized businesses and organizations, grounded on the principle of good will, quality service, and exceptional products. rkStudio6 takes prides in its standards for style, design, and attention to the requirements of its clients. Today, the company enjoys long-standing relationships with many of its clients and is a premier provider of attractive and effective web and graphic design products.

Meeting the demands and budgets of varying small to mid-sized business requirements, rkStudio6 is known for providing a complete range of products and services.